I’ve Never Needed Poetry More

© Teija/MoodPhoto
© Teija/MoodPhoto

It was one of those days when my heart was heavy and hope was out of reach.

All of a sudden Teija messaged me on Facebook. She sent me a few “test shots” and asked my honest opinion about them. Haha, as if I would not adore everything she creates.

Well, this particular photograph touched the very depths of me. As it reminded me of yesterday and the painfully beautiful forgotten dream – it also reminded me of tomorrow; I have yet not lived.

I started writing a poem called: “I’ve Never Needed Poetry More”. I have not been able to finish it yet, but hopefully one day I’ll find the missing words. I hope one day I’ll be brave enough to actually write it.

I hope.

6 thoughts on “I’ve Never Needed Poetry More

  1. Thank YOU for stopping by, D! Your beautiful poem: “Each and Every Strand” touched me deeply AND also gave me inspiration – just when I needed it the most. Love and smiles, Noora


  2. I’ll be looking forward to reading it when done (hopefully I won’t miss it on the wp reader). It is a great photo, I miss the old typewriters as well (the noise, but not having to correct by white out lol).


      1. The picture is awesome for sure. There is a website I found the other day (if I an find it again) that shows what typewriters famous people used, writers, politicians, stars, etc,. If I find it I will send the link.


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