Thank You!

I have a new motto: “write like no one is reading.”

I am sure you’re all familiar with the following quote:

“Dance like no one is watching. Love like you have never been hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Live like it is heaven on earth.”

I think the quote could equally speak of writing (and the vulnerability of sharing):

“Write like no one is reading. Write like you have (never) been hurt. Write like no one gives a shit, and write like you’re the last poet on earth – just write!!” 🙂

When I started my blog, I never really expected anyone to read what I wrote. For a while my voice remained anonymous, and I shared poems for just one reason: in order to finish a hard letting go process.

I have never “promoted” my blog anywhere. I started to get followers, “likes”, comments and even personal emails from my readers. They took the time to tell me how my poems had either inspired them or given them courage/strength on their personal journey. I felt absolutely humbled and honored – and I still do.

I am in a good place these days. Yet, I still often struggle with what to share and what to keep to myself. There are many poems with potential to touch another’s heart, and yet I still seem to withhold them. It is silly, I know. Poetry is my emotional outlet. It is my heart’s voice. So, in order to “free myself” and continue to experience new things to write about: I should just share them – without hesitation.

Writing is my way to express gratitude for the beauty, love, passion and a roller coaster ride of countless emotions I have experienced during my journey. Thanks, Universe, I know you’re just trying to challenge me, but sometimes you have a twisted sense of humor.

2013 is nearly over. Although it was not the easiest year – it blessed me with a few new souls and a “reunion”, and most of all precious moments to reflect and write about later. I finally made my “pilgrimage trip” to the breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious island of Crete, and I can’t wait to go back next year. There’s still so much more to see and experience. Getting sick this fall was a physically and emotionally draining path, but it gave me more motivation and courage to follow my heart’s passion.

I’d like to thank all of you for the 2013. Your support means the world to me, and your words inspire me endlessly. I am always so excited to read your poems and other posts. I try my best to continue posting at least once or twice a month – and write like no one is reading. ,-)

Here’s to an unforgettable 2014. Whatever is beautiful and meaningful – may it be yours.

Love & light,

The Smile

Hopeful breaths
Frozen prayers
Delicate ice flowers
On a windowpane

From somewhere
Out there
A serendipitous light
Draws me in
Through the wistful dusk

And I melt
Into serenity
Like the blooming frost
On a windowpane
In the touch
Of a warm miracle

© Noora (2013)


If I had only one poem left to write

one memorable scene
one life-altering moment
one indescribable phenomenon
one special feeling

one unforgettable touch
one memory to immortalize
one melody to recall
one word to whisper

A journey filled with the heart’s indefinable yearning – completed.
The mystery of faded sunsets, the beauty of tomorrow’s dawn – defined
in your beaming eyes – inviting me to dance – in them
Fearlessly – I surrender.

The mist of your breath lingers on my neck, kisses –like tiny tornadoes – still caress my skin
from miles away; I read aloud – your favorite poem – the one that always lulls you to safe slumber.
Half-asleep you murmur our cherished phrases – in my language – and I whisper back:


© Noora

This is not a new poem. I was just going through some of my older writings and decided that there’s absolutely no reason NOT to share them. As much as I enjoy “the now” and anticipate tomorrow; I am very thankful for yesterday. That’s all.

Edited: oh no, the first two lines in last verse were too long for this layout. I have to see if there’s anything I could do about it. The last verse doesn’t look good.

Update: Looks like it’s only messed up on the front page. If you click the title – it appears as it should. 🙂