“I am never alone
Embraces me

Out of endless possibilities
I have chosen you and a few others
To share my journey with.
I expose myself to you – completely.
I explore the depths of you – comprehensively.

I am a quiet observer in the world of voices.
I listen more than I talk, I write better than I speak.
I am weird and complex, but you help me turn my flaws into virtues.


“Every word I’ve written
Every path I’ve taken
And the song I’ve hummed
During the way
Has carried me to where I belong.
All I had to do was listen…”

I hear every little word you hesitate to say aloud.
I read you between the lines and interpret the tones of your voice.
I sense when things are wrong, even when you don’t realize it – yet.
It is not intentional – I have no control over it.

Intuition is my compass.
I look for signs but follow my heart.
My inner world is a mix of sweet chaos and perfect harmony.
I live in a dreamy utopia, yet in my truest reality.


“I don’t need to admire the starry sky
In order to find infinite beauty.
If somewhere is heaven –
It is right here in your eyes.”

Passion is my fuel in life;
I feel deeply, I live for poetic madness and I fight for injustice.
I fall in love rarely, but when I do:
It is unconditional, forever, and beyond.

Sensitivity is both my deepest force and greatest weakness.
My sorrow is not lyrical, it is silent hopelessness.
I seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Sometimes I get lost in the middle.


“In between
These lines
I will live
And die…”

I am my own worst critic, perfectionist, and maybe I analyze too much.
I often feel like I am not living up to my full potential.
I am stubborn and I don’t always know how to give up or let go –
Even when I know I should.
I am not afraid of risks, “what-ifs” scare me the most.

I live in the moment laced with yesterday’s magic and tomorrow’s dreams.
I write to discover, I write to uncover. I write to live, I live to write.
Poetry is my heart’s language and it’ll be my legacy.

© Noora (2015)

* I am an INFJ based on the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I wrote this random piece a long time ago. The quotes are from my old poems. I challenge you to take the test and maybe even write about your own personality type. 🙂

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