“I am never alone
Embraces me

Out of endless possibilities
I have chosen you and a few others
To share my journey with.
I expose myself to you – completely.
I explore the depths of you – comprehensively.

I am a quiet observer in the world of voices.
I listen more than I talk, I write better than I speak.
I am weird and complex, but you help me turn my flaws into virtues.


“Every word I’ve written
Every path I’ve taken
And the song I’ve hummed
During the way
Has carried me to where I belong.
All I had to do was listen…”

I hear every little word you hesitate to say aloud.
I read you between the lines and interpret the tones of your voice.
I sense when things are wrong, even when you don’t realize it – yet.
It is not intentional – I have no control over it.

Intuition is my compass.
I look for signs but follow my heart.
My inner world is a mix of sweet chaos and perfect harmony.
I live in a dreamy utopia, yet in my truest reality.


“I don’t need to admire the starry sky
In order to find infinite beauty.
If somewhere is heaven –
It is right here in your eyes.”

Passion is my fuel in life;
I feel deeply, I live for poetic madness and I fight for injustice.
I fall in love rarely, but when I do:
It is unconditional, forever, and beyond.

Sensitivity is both my deepest force and greatest weakness.
My sorrow is not lyrical, it is silent hopelessness.
I seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Sometimes I get lost in the middle.


“In between
These lines
I will live
And die…”

I am my own worst critic, perfectionist, and maybe I analyze too much.
I often feel like I am not living up to my full potential.
I am stubborn and I don’t always know how to give up or let go –
Even when I know I should.
I am not afraid of risks, “what-ifs” scare me the most.

I live in the moment laced with yesterday’s magic and tomorrow’s dreams.
I write to discover, I write to uncover. I write to live, I live to write.
Poetry is my heart’s language and it’ll be my legacy.

© Noora (2015)

* I am an INFJ based on the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I wrote this random piece a long time ago. The quotes are from my old poems. I challenge you to take the test and maybe even write about your own personality type. 🙂

If you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, feel free to read the comment section.

38 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. I’m back – just in time to renew my Premium subscription! *phew*

    I didn’t mean to be away this long. I’ve dedicated my hours to volunteer work via Red Cross. As you all know, Europe is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II, so I’ve been trying to do my part here.

    More than 300 asylum seekers arrived to my town in September, 2015. Most of them come from the Middle East and Africa, but there are also some people from Asia and even from Europe: men, women and children from newborn babies to teens.

    The people I’ve had a privilege to get to know and the stories I’ve heard have changed my life forever. I have nothing but utmost respect for every single one of them. I’ve met depressed and traumatized people, yet I’ve met people who haven’t given up hope, people who are still brave enough to dream. I’ve met all sorts of artists, doctors and nurses, lawyers and architects, housewives and students etc. They are working so hard to learn the language in order to go back to school or get some work. They inspire me every day.

    What I do doesn’t change the world or even the world of these people, but if I can offer support, empathy and friendship and help them in their firsts steps of building a new life in a totally different culture – it’s definitely the least I can do.

    How is everything in YOUR world? I can’t wait to be inspired by your poems again. I’m going through my archives shortly and will post something else soon.

    – Noora

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        1. … I’m so glad we are! And we have to find the time for the “Stolen Stars”. I really need to focus on poetry more. With love, your biggest fan. ❤


    1. Hey Eva!! I think it is SO cool that we’re both INFJs AND Leos! That’s an intriguing combination, lol! I wrote this piece a long time ago, and I was going to edit it and use it on my “About Me” section, but I never did. I renewed my blog subscription today and wanted to post something. Well, obviously I wasn’t ready to post any of my drafts/old poems, so I decided to post this. I’m trying to find the time to read/comment more regularly again. 🙂

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      1. I know! I don’t know anybody else who is an INFJ/Leo combo who also happens to have a love for Greece. 🙂 That’s definitely one big crazy coincidence.

        I’m glad you’re back!!


  2. This is simply sublime! It combines both of my passions:Poetry and Myers-Briggs Personality Psychology Theory.In fact my blog was initially made to aim at the Spanish community which has no concern about MBTI(obviously because almost any web page offered information and I decided to make the translation of the whole theory)but eventually I introduced many poems.It is wonderful seeing someone interested on this topic as well…so congratulations,Greetings from an ENFP! 🙂

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    1. Hey there! So glad you found my post! As an INFJ I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, lol, but I’m glad I did. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I’ll check out your blog soon. 🙂

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  3. So beautiful dear Noora… moving and heartfelt…. your words truly reached me….
    Also I feel that somehow I can relate to this verses as well

    `Sensitivity is both my deepest force and greatest weakness.
    My sorrow is not lyrical, it is silent hopelessness.
    I seek first to understand, then to be understood.
    Sometimes I get lost in the middle´.

    So glad to read you again… thanks so much for sharing your poetry with us.
    Love and best wishes. Aquileana ⭐️

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    1. Your comments always make my day, Aquileana!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment again. Glad to know you found something to relate to. Have you ever taken the Briggs-Myers personality test!? Much love to you!!


  4. Welcome back I’ve missed reading your poetry . How can I describe your poetry . Simple looked in the theraraus under beautiful and inspirational and pick any other words under these two and I think that about covers it x

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  5. Beautiful as always, Noora!
    I so resonate with: “I live in the moment laced with yesterday’s magic and tomorrow’s dreams.” 🙂
    So wonderful to read your lovely, soul-filled poetry again ❤

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  6. This was such a cool idea! I love it. I’ve been a huge fan of the Myers-Briggs test ever since it confirmed for me that I was not a total freak of nature and a conundrum of contradictions – LOL. I share your intuition and feeling qualities but I’m a little extroverted and a prospector – ENFP – but we’re both diplomats 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading and posting a comment – I appreciate it a lot. So glad you liked the post! I’ve taken the test multiple times during the past 10 years or so (someone always posts it somewhere) and almost everytime I’ve come out with INFJ. I think once I got an INFP. Good to meet you, fellow diplomat! 🙂

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  7. So good to “see” you again, Noora! I am an ENFP and loved your poem! I’ve been busy with global refugee issues as well on consulting basis this whole year so far – thank you for volunteering your time ❤


    1. Hey Tiny! Thank you for stopping by to read and comment my post. I can’t wait to read your recent posts later today. I started volunteering in September and it’s been an experience that I’ll never forget. ❤

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