The Point of No Return

I have always been a stargazer
Admired mythical constellations
With wonder and awe

But now
There is no need
To gaze up the night canvas
In order to seek
Infinite beauty

If somewhere is heaven
It is right here
In your eyes

They were the beginning
And will be the end
Of me

So, please
Take my hand
Let’s dive deep
Into intimacy

We have already crossed
The point of no return

© Noora (2010)


I promised to share old stuff until I get something new written. This poem poured out of me more than six years ago.

Love, peace and inspiration,
– Noora

Between the Lines

Between the Lines

Just as a touch is never
Merely physical
A poem is never
The bare verses
You absorb

It is what is hidden
The lines

Warm and shivering syllables
Hesitation and ache
Desperate gasps of air

The ultimate truth
In the silences
Between words



© Noora (November 5th, 2014)


I’ve been on a long break from work, yet I haven’t finished a single poem. Okay, I blame the UEFA Euro2016 tournament. lol.

Inspiration can be found anywhere/everywhere, but sadly I don’t feel my work at the moment. I need to give it more time. In order to continue writing/blogging, I’ve decided to start sharing unposted poems from 2009 to 2015 – no matter if I like them or not. Ha ha.

Peace & inspiration,

– Noora

Image credits: © Teija/moodphoto.