“I am never alone
Embraces me

Out of endless possibilities
I have chosen you and a few others
To share my journey with.
I expose myself to you – completely.
I explore the depths of you – comprehensively.

I am a quiet observer in the world of voices.
I listen more than I talk, I write better than I speak.
I am weird and complex, but you help me turn my flaws into virtues.


“Every word I’ve written
Every path I’ve taken
And the song I’ve hummed
During the way
Has carried me to where I belong.
All I had to do was listen…”

I hear every little word you hesitate to say aloud.
I read you between the lines and interpret the tones of your voice.
I sense when things are wrong, even when you don’t realize it – yet.
It is not intentional – I have no control over it.

Intuition is my compass.
I look for signs but follow my heart.
My inner world is a mix of sweet chaos and perfect harmony.
I live in a dreamy utopia, yet in my truest reality.


“I don’t need to admire the starry sky
In order to find infinite beauty.
If somewhere is heaven –
It is right here in your eyes.”

Passion is my fuel in life;
I feel deeply, I live for poetic madness and I fight for injustice.
I fall in love rarely, but when I do:
It is unconditional, forever, and beyond.

Sensitivity is both my deepest force and greatest weakness.
My sorrow is not lyrical, it is silent hopelessness.
I seek first to understand, then to be understood.
Sometimes I get lost in the middle.


“In between
These lines
I will live
And die…”

I am my own worst critic, perfectionist, and maybe I analyze too much.
I often feel like I am not living up to my full potential.
I am stubborn and I don’t always know how to give up or let go –
Even when I know I should.
I am not afraid of risks, “what-ifs” scare me the most.

I live in the moment laced with yesterday’s magic and tomorrow’s dreams.
I write to discover, I write to uncover. I write to live, I live to write.
Poetry is my heart’s language and it’ll be my legacy.

© Noora (2015)

* I am an INFJ based on the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator. I wrote this random piece a long time ago. The quotes are from my old poems. I challenge you to take the test and maybe even write about your own personality type. 🙂

If you want to know what I’ve been up to lately, feel free to read the comment section.

It’s been a while…


A haunting melody
Like a siren’s song
Tempts me to dive
Into sensual waters

Serendipitous eyes whisper:
Wordless promises
Delicate intentions
Unfulfilled longings

Yet I see nothing
But a fading sunset

Bittersweet predawn

© Noora (?/2013)



When the dawn
Begins to play
The first chords
Of an acoustic prelude
And a nocturnal veil
Of the smiling stars
Slowly uncovers you
I hope that
The gentle messenger
Unveils your day
With my prayers
Silently lingering
In its ancient
Rays of hope

© Noora (08/2014)



I will undress
My heart and soul
The tragically beautiful
Night canvas

Expose my secrets
Strip off my metaphors
Bare my sorrow
Reveal my desire

I promise
To pull you in
With the first line
And keep your attention
Until there is
Nothing left
But purple utopia

Will you
Cover me
With the dust
Of the stars
You stole
From my night sky

Will you?

© Noora (01/2014)



Dear muse

Come to me
Like a raging fire
Take me back
To the place
Where there is no yesterday
Or tomorrow
Just an infinite bliss

Tangled sheets
Non-stop laughter
Eyes closed, lips seeing
Dripping with new verses
Poetry at its finest

Dear muse

The fiery breaths
Between your kisses
Inspire me endlessly
So, come to me
Let’s drift back
Into poetic madness

© Noora (01/2015)


Hey, remember me? Just a few random and unedited musings for my first post of the year. It’s GREAT to be back! I’ve truly missed the WP community – a place filled with talented and inspiring writers of all kind.

2015: new chances, new disappointments, new achievements, new experiences, new memories – something new to write about. I wish you all an unforgettable and inspiring 2015. Chase your dreams and make them your reality.

And now I’m off to read some of your latest posts. It’s been way too long!! Please bear with me, it may take a few days to complete the task.

My first haikus

My first ones:

my skin – your valley
lips mark their territory
sensual earthquakes

the hues of your heart
melt into my horizon
surrender awaits

earth, water, fire, air
you, me, we, eternally
some things never change

dripping divine love
eyes closed, tasting her passion
drunk on morning dew

migrant birds return
i am still in the same place
lost my direction

… and a bonus haiku 🙂

YOU :))
OR too many syllables
damn fucking haikus


Hey! I am so sorry for the absence.

Here are some random haikus. I’ve never written them before, but I was encouraged to try. I wrote approximately 30 “heart haikus”, but I’m not satisfied with them. I turned old notes into haikus and wrote a few in one sitting. Well, since “write like no one is reading” IS my motto for the year, I decided to post a few anyway. I enjoy reading haikus, but I didn’t enjoy writing them. lol. Ok, once I stopped taking it so seriously – it was fun … kind of. :)) Counting syllables was a challenge for a Finnish girl though. 🙂 I may have messed up with some words, but at least I tried.

Hope you all have a beautiful and inspiring weekend,
– Noora

Annual Report

I didn’t receive the annual report from Perhaps my blog hasn’t been around long enough? Anyway, I decided to list some stats.

Most viewed poems

1.) Afterglow
2.) The Smile
3.) Invitation
4.) Muse
5.) Vulnerability
6.) Euphoria
7.) Visitor
8.) Poetry in the Air
9.) Lighthouse
10.) Aina, Poet’s Eyes, Together We’re Poetry

Most commented poems

1.) Lighthouse
2.) Euphoria
3.) Visitor
4.) Aina
5.) Vulnerability
6.) Invitation
7.) Poetry in the Air
8.) Indian Summer
9.) Muse
10.) Afterglow

Most likes

1.) Euphoria
2.) Aina
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4.) Déjà vu
5.) Muse
6.) Invitation
7.) Silence
8.) Visitor
9.) Vulnerability
10.) Afterglow

TOP 10 countries

1.) United States
2.) United Kingdom
3.) Australia
4.) Canada
5.) Maldives
6.) Singapore
7.) Spain
8.) Croatia
9.) Trinidad & Tobago (who are you? 🙂 )
10.) Germany, India, Serbia

TOP 10 search terms

1.) Lesbian poetry
2.) Lesbian poems
4.) Lesbian passion poems
5.) Lesbian poem
6.) Lesbian love poetry
7.) Sensual poetry for lesbian
8.) Sensual love poems
9.) Echoes and reflections
10.) Soul mate poems

Interesting search terms 🙂
– Noora poetry blog
– Reflections poetry blog by Noora
– How to melt a lesbian heart (lol!)
– Pablo Neruda (!!!!!)
http://www.the reflection of the echoes of our hearts to (??)

TOP referrers

1.) Search Engines
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5.) WordPress Dashboard
6.) Facebook (Interesting. I don’t share my own stuff on FB)

Total comments: 877
Most active day: August 27, 2013
Total views: 7 976

Thank you!! 🙂

Thank You!

I have a new motto: “write like no one is reading.”

I am sure you’re all familiar with the following quote:

“Dance like no one is watching. Love like you have never been hurt. Sing like no one is listening. Live like it is heaven on earth.”

I think the quote could equally speak of writing (and the vulnerability of sharing):

“Write like no one is reading. Write like you have (never) been hurt. Write like no one gives a shit, and write like you’re the last poet on earth – just write!!” 🙂

When I started my blog, I never really expected anyone to read what I wrote. For a while my voice remained anonymous, and I shared poems for just one reason: in order to finish a hard letting go process.

I have never “promoted” my blog anywhere. I started to get followers, “likes”, comments and even personal emails from my readers. They took the time to tell me how my poems had either inspired them or given them courage/strength on their personal journey. I felt absolutely humbled and honored – and I still do.

I am in a good place these days. Yet, I still often struggle with what to share and what to keep to myself. There are many poems with potential to touch another’s heart, and yet I still seem to withhold them. It is silly, I know. Poetry is my emotional outlet. It is my heart’s voice. So, in order to “free myself” and continue to experience new things to write about: I should just share them – without hesitation.

Writing is my way to express gratitude for the beauty, love, passion and a roller coaster ride of countless emotions I have experienced during my journey. Thanks, Universe, I know you’re just trying to challenge me, but sometimes you have a twisted sense of humor.

2013 is nearly over. Although it was not the easiest year – it blessed me with a few new souls and a “reunion”, and most of all precious moments to reflect and write about later. I finally made my “pilgrimage trip” to the breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious island of Crete, and I can’t wait to go back next year. There’s still so much more to see and experience. Getting sick this fall was a physically and emotionally draining path, but it gave me more motivation and courage to follow my heart’s passion.

I’d like to thank all of you for the 2013. Your support means the world to me, and your words inspire me endlessly. I am always so excited to read your poems and other posts. I try my best to continue posting at least once or twice a month – and write like no one is reading. ,-)

Here’s to an unforgettable 2014. Whatever is beautiful and meaningful – may it be yours.

Love & light,


Dear WP friends,

I decided to write a short update because a fellow blogger emailed me and asked if I was ok. I apologize for not being very active lately. I’ve been suffering from severe stomach pain and have become too familiar with emergency rooms and hospital beds. Luckily, the doctors have managed to figure out what is causing my symptoms. I’ll be back to read (and post) more frequently as soon as my condition allows and some healing takes place.

I truly miss reading your work and interacting on WP. Oh, and you don’t know how much I miss writing. Poetry is my emotional outlet and my passion – it is my yesterday and my tomorrow.

Hope you’re all feeling happy, healthy and creative!

Much love
– Noora

Update: going on a vacation

My suitcase is packed and I’m ready to go. I’m flying to the island of Crete tomorrow afternoon. It is a place that has been calling my name for some years now and I need to find out why.

I will catch up with your posts when I return on July 20th. I’m hoping to return with a few new poems.

Happy writing and much love to you all!



I’m off to spend some soul-filling time in a wonderful company! The getaway includes music, laughter, food and drinks and hopefully some sunshine. This is just what I need right now.

I’ll leave my laptop home and try NOT to check my phone too often. I’ll be back to enjoy your words and share some of my own late Thursday night.

Hope your muses are cooperative and playful. ,-)

Happy writing!

– Noora

© Teija
© Teija

This photograph speaks to me. I can relate to this beautifully vulnerable and fragile atmosphere.

“Echoes and Reflections” blog started a week ago (on WordPress). I’m blown away by the love, support and encouragement I have received. I’ve found so many extremely gifted poets and writers out here – you inspire me tremendously. I’m truly blown away by you all, and so humbled that you’ve decided to join me on my journey. Thank you.