In all of my
I am strong

Formed by
Fragments of
Beauty and passion
Tragedy and loss
Fear and pain
Love and hope

A compilation
A recreation
Like a mosaic

And when
Cast your light
Upon me
I shine

© Noora (2014)

Mosaics aren’t made by trying to put the broken pieces back together as if they had never been shattered. The beauty of mosaics lies in the endless possibilities. You’re the artist of your life – create a masterpiece!

This short piece poured out of me today. It’s dedicated to my friends. Thank you for lighting up my life & helping me to shine!
– Noora


Three hundred
Sunsets later

My lips
Still feel
The absence
Of yours

My skin
Still quivers
From where your
Fevered fingertips
When your scent
With mine
And your eyes
A perpetual fire

The distance
Still reminds me of
How I kissed
The gentle messenger
Until it unveiled
Your days
With my whispers
Silently lingering
In its rays

The stillness
Still remembers
A million minute journey
Filled with
The melody
Of your soul
When only a day
Without your voice
Felt like a lifetime
Without music

And with these
Hesitant and vulnerable
Yet truthful verses
I am


More than you
Could ever
Be mine again

Three hundred
Sunsets later

© Noora (03/2013)

It’s time to post one of yesteryear’s poems while focusing on the new material. I wrote this piece nearly a year ago. It was one of those moments when memories surround you without warning, and you have no other choice than write… in order to “free” yourself.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend.
Happy writing!!
– Noora

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Interesting search terms 🙂
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Thank you!! 🙂

The Smile

Hopeful breaths
Frozen prayers
Delicate ice flowers
On a windowpane

From somewhere
Out there
A serendipitous light
Draws me in
Through the wistful dusk

And I melt
Into serenity
Like the blooming frost
On a windowpane
In the touch
Of a warm miracle

© Noora (2013)


If I had only one poem left to write

one memorable scene
one life-altering moment
one indescribable phenomenon
one special feeling

one unforgettable touch
one memory to immortalize
one melody to recall
one word to whisper

A journey filled with the heart’s indefinable yearning – completed.
The mystery of faded sunsets, the beauty of tomorrow’s dawn – defined
in your beaming eyes – inviting me to dance – in them
Fearlessly – I surrender.

The mist of your breath lingers on my neck, kisses –like tiny tornadoes – still caress my skin
from miles away; I read aloud – your favorite poem – the one that always lulls you to safe slumber.
Half-asleep you murmur our cherished phrases – in my language – and I whisper back:


© Noora

This is not a new poem. I was just going through some of my older writings and decided that there’s absolutely no reason NOT to share them. As much as I enjoy “the now” and anticipate tomorrow; I am very thankful for yesterday. That’s all.

Edited: oh no, the first two lines in last verse were too long for this layout. I have to see if there’s anything I could do about it. The last verse doesn’t look good.

Update: Looks like it’s only messed up on the front page. If you click the title – it appears as it should. 🙂


I found this gorgeous photograph by the lovely, talented Teija. I thought it might go well with “Vulnerability”. I apologize for the long delay in posting and reading. I’ll try to get something posted next week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Love and light, Noora

Echoes and Reflections

(under the magnifying glass)

Between the sunset
And a breaking dawn

Bare and exposed
Covered only
With the scars and stretch marks
Precious beauty spots
My journey has left me with

At its finest

Verses written
Not to glorify
Nor to stay
But to leave
Poetic footprints

Once naked sighs
Between searching lips
Beautiful ballads

Once intertwined silhouettes
Of the two souls
Memorable scenery

For me
For anyone
Who cares
To welcome
My truth
Into their hearts

Take off
Your magnifying glass
Put away
Your microscope
You will only discover
What you think is there

Observe my reality
With an open mind
And perhaps
You’ll hear
The lyrics
My quiet heart
Truly sings

Bare and exposed
Between the sunset
And a breaking dawn

© Noora (2013)

Photograph: © Teija

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In a deep
Smiling silence

Like nature
After a long
Winter’s rest

Breathless whispers
Wandering hands
Sleepy kisses
Devouring eyes
Speak of love
Better than
The finest poetry

The blushing sun
Peeks over the horizon
As we break
The dawn’s silence
With moans and sighs
Of pure euphoria

In a hungry embrace
On our first morning

© Noora

Indian Summer

Bittersweet intimacy
Surrounds me
When the sun
Unexpectedly returns
To kiss me goodbye
From her hiding place
As if she couldn’t resist
My beckoning skin any longer

Her teasing rays
Remind me of the evenings
When I held her face
In my palms
Found my truth
In her welcoming gaze
And nirvana had never
Seemed so real before

I bask in sweet nostalgia
Desiring for a chance
For some sunlit hope
To help me get through
The darkening season
Yet I know, I have to let her go
And she disappears
As quietly as she appeared

Although the renewed blossoms
Of my dream
May wither
In her absence
The roots remain
Just like the smile that streamed
From her heart
Into mine

© Noora (2013)