In celebration of my blog’s 3rd anniversary, I decided to re-blog my most viewed poem, which happens to be Afterglow. To comment or “like” the poem – please click on “view original”, thank you! Inspiration, love & good madness. – Noora

Echoes and Reflections


In the afterglow
Lying here
In our memories

How it felt to be
An inspiration
For your
Creative fingertips

How I melted
Like soft clay
In the hands
Of a dedicated sculptor
As you made me
Your secret masterpiece

And yours alone
I still am
In the afterglow
Of our love

How it felt
To unfold you
With my love
One layer at a time

How my hopeful lips
Stole your breath
And made it ours
In the kiss
Of truths
And expectations

And still tonight
I breathe our love
When I escape to the place
Where yesterday’s spark
Still flames
Where unwritten poems
Sensuously moan
Where you stay
With me

In the afterglow

© Noora

Image source/art work: © Leonid Afremov.

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Only an Ocean Away

© Teija/MoodPhoto
© Teija / MoodPhoto

A walk by the sea
Of my own imagination
Searching for the words
For one of the many
Yet unwritten compositions
My soul sings
Without lyrics

Aiming to still portray
How it felt to love her –
With all of me
How it felt to be adored –
By her heart
How her soul entwined with mine
In the deepest meaning of the word:

The longing north wind
Quietly weeps her name:
soft, melodic and merry

I don’t have to wander
The trails of yesterday
So that I could find her again
She is still in a sacred place
Where I once welcomed her

The slumbering waves sigh
They evoke memories of the moments
When we fell asleep hand in hand
When my touch was more than a touch

I whisper my four lettered confession
To the place
Where the sea joins the sky
With an invisible kiss

Infinite sea,
Please carry my love to her shore
To the place
Where she nourishes her soul

Tell her
I’m never alone
On my endless exploration journey
There is always hope
Walking by my side
Gratitude in my heart

The memory of our love


© Noora