It is time to go
But let me just disappear
Into this poem
For a while

Words drip out slowly
Like honey
Or the cherished dream
That once poured out from your lips
And flowed into my mouth

The setting sun plays an immortal hymn
For the moon
Her love is not unrequited
It is just out of reach

The waves break on shore
They carry ancient love letters
So that the beach would never have to be

In awe I listen to the rolling sea
It calls out my name
Just like your gaze before
The one that said forever
And I drowned in your eyes
Time after time
Without fear

A solitary pilgrimage
Beneath the night canvas
Painted with sighing stars
With nothing to hold
But memories, dreams
And my undying hope

Miles away, worlds apart
Footsteps heading in separate directions
Yet you still are my beacon
The indescribable beauty of the nightfall
The soothing stillness of my lonely walks
When I am trying to finish off the story
That never ends but constantly evolves

Perhaps our fingers intertwine again
In another eternity
All we have to do is whisper
Our magic word
And the Universe will remember

Like the sea and the sky
Two souls
Once united
Will always be connected
Somewhere in time

© Noora (2013)

Only an Ocean Away

© Teija/MoodPhoto
© Teija / MoodPhoto

A walk by the sea
Of my own imagination
Searching for the words
For one of the many
Yet unwritten compositions
My soul sings
Without lyrics

Aiming to still portray
How it felt to love her –
With all of me
How it felt to be adored –
By her heart
How her soul entwined with mine
In the deepest meaning of the word:

The longing north wind
Quietly weeps her name:
soft, melodic and merry

I don’t have to wander
The trails of yesterday
So that I could find her again
She is still in a sacred place
Where I once welcomed her

The slumbering waves sigh
They evoke memories of the moments
When we fell asleep hand in hand
When my touch was more than a touch

I whisper my four lettered confession
To the place
Where the sea joins the sky
With an invisible kiss

Infinite sea,
Please carry my love to her shore
To the place
Where she nourishes her soul

Tell her
I’m never alone
On my endless exploration journey
There is always hope
Walking by my side
Gratitude in my heart

The memory of our love


© Noora