Only a breath apart
Our souls
Wrapped around
Each other
In this highly anticipated

Forgotten worlds
Vowed promises
Reflect from your eyes
I recognize you

So much to say
Yet I lose my ability to speak
In any other language
Than unconditional love

My heart begs me
To reveal you
My solution
Promise you
We will make it
To the other side
Of our forever

I am not
The writer
Of your destiny

I just hold your face
In my palms
And wait…
For your lips
To greet mine

Silently praying
You’d inhale
Even a little bit
Of the faith
That whirls
In me

The song
We used to hum
Turns into a sweet duet

When our lips touch
And we breathe hope
In eternal harmony

© Noora (2011)

Kiss the Rain

The recognition
An indescribable sensation

The enlightenment
Of the heart
The awakening
Of the soul

When something long-lost surfaced
My forgotten destination
My fate

Your eyes
Mirrors that have reflected
My soul
In so many different faces

My guiding lights
Through countless lifetimes
Of searching and finding

Your voice
A sound like no other
An echo from the past
Filled me
With the feeling of safety
And soared through me
Like a butterfly storm

The feeling
Of not belonging
Is finally making sense

Every word I’ve written
Every path I’ve chosen
And the song I’ve hummed
During the journey
Has carried me back
To where I belong

All I had to do was listen…

© Noora

The Story